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dp v2 beta UI data distribution pie chart question

edited March 2013 in DrivePool
There are 4 colors in the pie chart of the beta v2 UI, white, light gray, dark gray, and blue.  the description below the chart states:
light gray, unusable for duplication, 347gb
dark gray, other, 169gb
blue, unduplicated, 500gb

total space is 2.27tb

i'm assuming white is the free space, 1.62tb.

what is "unusable for duplication"?
what is "other"?
assuming "unduplicated" is the unduplicated data in the pool.

duplication is off.



  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    If you had - for example - two drives of 500GB 320GB in the pool, then 180GB (500-320) would be "unusable for duplication".

    If you also had files on those two drives that were not in the pool, they would be "other" (e.g. if you add your OS drive to the pool, your OS directories will not be in the pool but they will be taking up space that the pool can't use, so "other").
  • edited March 2013 Member
    thanks.  i have a 1tb and a 1.5tb drive in the pool, both drives have some other files on them outside the pool, so it all makes sense now.

    i've been moving files outside the pool off of the 1.5tb drive, but now i see it makes more sense to move all of the files off of the 1tb drive if i want to enable duplication.  if duplication is never enabled dp would just fill both drives eventually i assume.

  • Resident Guru
    That's correct.
  • edited March 2013 Member
    I have 2 x 2TB, exact same drives set up as a Pool (drives are E and F, Pool is G. All folders on these drives (or, on G) are duplicated. Nothing remains on E and F except for System Volume Information and Recycle Bin, aside from the PoolPart folders.

    Pool condition is 100%

    Still, I get the following:
    E: Duplicated 793 GB, Free 992 GB, Other 77,8 GB
    F: Unduplicated(!) 540MB, Duplicated 793 GB, Free 1.05 TB
    G: Pooled 793 GB, Duplication 793 GB, Free 1.94 TB, Unusable for duplication 80.7 GB

    I do not understand how this can be. It seems to me that
    (a) E: must have about 77.8 GB of data that DP is not duplicating to F and,
    (b) As E: has 77.8 GB in "Other" files, 77.8 GB of F can not be duplicated if it were filled to the brim because of that. The discrepancy between 80.7 GB and 77.8 GB I do not understand either.

    My concern is this: is there about 80 GB of data that is not being duplicated and if so, why? How can I find out which it is?

    Edit: I have found the 540 MB unduplicated, that's a BOINC folder. NO clue why it does not duplicate as it is written to G. But this is a small concern.
    Edit 2: Running DP 1.2.7145

  • Resident Guru
    (a) "Other" on a pooled drive is content that is outside the pool. The "Other" on E is most likely the System Volume Information folder (unless run with SYSTEM privileges, Explorer will wrongly display zero size).

    (b) I can't see where the discrepancy between 80.7 and 77.8 is from either.
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