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Unduplicated and Other

edited March 2013 in DrivePool


I am now well away on my journey away from WHS1. 24TB spread over 14 drives on a Windows 7. Had hoped that someone could ease my mind about the following:

Unduplicated 669 B and Other 28 GB. My drives are cleared of DE's and Recycle bin contents. The 28 Other GB are located on every 14 drives and the 669 on one only.

What are these data, and most importantly: do I need to worry about it?



  • Member
    I notice the same thing.  I currently have supposedly everything in the pool, whole drive duplicated.  Plenty of free space.  4 3TB hard drives.

    DrivePool 10.9 TB
    Free 3.94TB
    Duplicated 6.72 TB
    Other 263 GB

  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    If you have pooled drives with files that are not in the pool, they get put under "other" (e.g. if you had a 4GB file in D:\somefolder and then added D: drive to the pool, D:\somefolder would not be in the pool and that 4GB would count towards the "other").

    If you have removed all non-pool content (and have confirmed this by checking for hidden/system files and folders) but DP is still showing "other" as non-zero, try the Remeasure command to see if this helps.
  • Member
    In my case I am 100% sure that all non pooled data is gone.  Remeasure doesn't seem to help.  It varies at the amount of other.. today it is 201GB

    I set it up to balance immediately because I thought that maybe it was something unbalanced showing up?

    Could that be the problem.  balancing makes a few orphaned files?  

    Hauge48, does your other seem to GROW?
  • "Other" varies in size. I get the occational message that the pool needs to be reduplicated due to inconsistencies and I am asked if I want DP to delete duplicates in excess - or something to that effect. Duplicating and then remeasuring gives roughly the same amount of "Others". Bear in mind that my pool of 20TB duplicated is newly loaded and perhaps I need some run-throughs of duplication to get it stable.

    My panel now states 669 Bytes of unduplicated (has been so fo a while now) and Other 27,8 GB. I can read on what drives the Other 27,8GB are located. They are unevenly spread out on the 14 drives, fra 2,5 GB to 200 MB. Checking a drive in explorer shows nothing else than RECYCLE.BIN (empty), PoolPart and System Volume Information. Nothing else. Still Other is reported as 2,5GB. Surely this must be a bug.

    Unduplicated 669 Bytes is reported on one drive only. Same thing. Only RECYCLE.BIN, poolpart and SVI.

    However, I would appreciate a response to my original question: is this at all something to worry about?


  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    (TLDR: it's not something to worry about, but if we can fix the 669 byte unduplicated leftover, that would be nice)

    "Other", being outside the pool, is not of concern to DrivePool (unless it's getting so big that it's significantly competing for space!).

    Note that Windows will report the System Volume Information folder (SVI) as having a size of zero bytes regardless of its actual size unless you have SYSTEM privileges (which DrivePool has as a kernel-level file system), and Administrator access is less than SYSTEM access. SVI can easily contain gigabytes depending on how your computer is configured.

    However, the "leftover" 669 bytes of unduplicated data is curious. Are there any hidden/system files in the root of your pool drive?
  • Shane,

    The root of the drive in question has only PoolPart.GUID, $RECYCLE.BIN and the SVI. (Incidentally, why is there a recycle bin both in the root and in the PoolPart?). $RECYCLE.BIN har two files: two versions of Recycle Bin, one with a padlock on the icon.

    And while we are at it: some, but not all of my drives have a file called QSM_VolumeID. Leftovers from WHS1 time? Should I delete it, or should it be such a file on all drives?

    Appreciate your interest.


  • Resident Guru
    The root of the pool drive, aka the DrivePool drive, not the root of one of the pooled drives that form it. :)

    The $RECYCLE.BIN in the PoolPart is the pool's recycle bin, which is separate from the physical drive's recycle bin.

    QSM_VolumeID is indeed a WHSv1 leftover, safe to delete.
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