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SMART Workload wear reporting wrong values?

edited March 2013 in Scanner

As you can see on the attached screenshot I have an Intel SSD thats reporting Workload Media Wear to 2148%.

I checked the disk a few days ago and it was then reporting about 65% Life used. Now it suddenly reports 2148% over night.
And as you can see, the total writes is about 3,42TB which is way under it's estimated lifetime writes.

The interpretation rules is updated today.

Question is... is this an error in the interpretation rules, a but in the scanner or what?

The disk is not really used that much and it's a pretty static enviroment without alot of writes to the system disk.

Thank you


  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    It does seem more than coincidental that the rules updated today. As it is an Intel SSD, you could compare Scanner's report with Intel's own SSD Toolbox software's report?
  • This issue has been resolved.

    To my surprise it was resolved (and reproduced) by installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology on the server.
    I did not know that this had to be installed to get the correct SMART values from the SSD.

    After installing it the correct SMART values are read from the disk.

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