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Recycle Bin - how is it used?

edited March 2013 in DrivePool
Can anyone shed some light on how the recycle bin behaves?

On the drives that have been added to drivepool, I am not using any files that will be outside of the pool.  I am not using an duplication (but I am relying on FlexRAID for parity protection).

Do I need it enabled the recycle bin on each of these drives, or just on the virtual drive(s) created by Drivepool if I want undelete protection for the pooled data?  (Yes, I understand there are recycle bin issues with Flexraid, but that is another topic)

How is the space used by the deleted files in the recycle bin allocated?  If it is by the entire drivepool virtual drive, how is the space allocated between drives?



  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    Each pool has its own Recycle Bin, which is physically instantiated as a $RECYCLE.BIN folder (with the hidden and system attributes) directly under the hidden root PoolPart.GUID folder in its physical drives.

    So you would configure a pool's recycle bin via the Recycle Bin properties for the pool's drive letter, not via the letters (if any) of the physical drives that form the pool.

    I would presume that DrivePool would simply "move" pool files into the PoolPart.GUID\$RECYCLE.BIN folder of the physical drive(s) they are already stored on, as that would avoid a less efficient "copy" operation, and my brief tests seem to indicate this is the case (with some renaming and cataloguing that appears at a glance to follow the normal Windows recycle bin rules).

    If you need/want a canonical answer, you would have to ask Alex directly. :)
  • Member
    Thanks.  That makes sense.
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