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Removed Duplication drive did wrong thing now worried about data.

edited March 2013 in DrivePool
Windows 7 I clicked on the - remove for one drive in a pool of 2 duplicated drives. This seemed to work except I had an error. 

Duplication Warnings
There were problems checking or cleaning up one or more files on the pool. You should add another disk to the pool.

There were lots folders left on the removed pool drive and 5 files, DrivePool does not seem to clean up fully, is that a bug/issue others see?

I clicked on the arrow for the drive that was showing a duplication error and deselected duplication, that sounded logical.

Not good it as been running overnight with duplicating 9%, this is going to take days. Can I reboot the computer or do anything to resolve this?

I guess I should have removed duplication before removing the second drive from the pool.

I am migrating to Windows 8 new computer and this was a dumb way to do it. I wanted the 2TB drive for other stuff I wanted to transfer. I should have gone and brought another 3TB drive but I was impatient as Monday was a Public Holiday and wanted to do this over a long weekend.




  • Resident Guru
    Hi Ian, sorry, not much experience myself with the DP 2 beta for Win 7. Though I can see how there could be problems removing one of the last two drives in a duplicated pool.

    I don't know whether restarting would help, though at least it should not do any harm.
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