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DrivePool and parity data created on demand

edited March 2013 in DrivePool
Is this function planned for DrivePool? 
I know there are some alternatives like flexRAID in snapshot mode plus DrivePool strictly for pooling but it would be much nicer to run DrivePool only.
I think folder duplication is waste of drives capacity.
I would love to see this as a new function within DrivePool. I don't need real time pairing since all of my files are static and would assume parity should take a place overnight.


  • Resident Guru
    Not currently, though when I asked Alex about it he said - and I'm paraphrasing, not quoting - he has been thinking about the feature and whether it should be part of drivepool or a separate program, as there are pros/cons for duplicating vs parity depending on the user's requirements.

    I'm sure any comments on how DP users would like to see such an ability implemented would be read.
  • I would also like to see parity added to drivepool since many dp users use it to store movies duplication is a waste of expensive space since we can now create multiple pools. it would be great to be able to have 1 pool for movies protected by parity whilst having another pool for day to day stuff using duplication flexiraid does work but like many others I prefer to keep the use of different software to a min to avoid conflicts.

    When I asked Alex about this he was thinking about it and if he should try inter grate it into drivepool or create a seperate version of dp for parity I think intergration would be my preferd choice.

    If Alex does decide to do it I think I would also like to see if possible to add a hot spare which could be used by either a parity pool or the normal dupe pool in case if drive failure.

    I suppose we are getting into the realms of why not just use raid that does all of the above I have had a raid card go bust on me and its a very shit day when it does and I would much prefer to lose 1 whole drive of data under dp than a whole array any day
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