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Balancers Question, Windows 8, Beta 2

edited March 2013 in DrivePool

Hi all,


I'm trying to work out the operation of the Balancers. I'm haven't installed Scanner, as yet.

Do I leave all of he Balancers checked, as per default?

When I'm copying files into the Pool, the data get spread farly equaly across the Pool, but if I set a schedule to Balance in a few minutes, nothing happens (even though I have a freshly added, empty drive in the Pool. What am I missing?

I have FlexRaid also, and I want to make sure I don't have an Upgrade running on that, and Drive Pool Balancing kicks in, so I'm needing to see how this works a bit better.






  • DrivePool doesn't spread the data across all the drives evenly, per say. It has its own algorithms to determine where the data will land. However, if you have a freshly added drive, it SHOULD place the data there first, it just won't got BACK and balance them out. There is a solution for you though:

    The Balancer you want to use is a separate download but will do exactly what you want, even out the data across all hard drives by either % used or free space lefts (It's a choice).

    "Disk Space Equalizer"
  • Thanks. That looks like it might be interesting to try out. I've downloaded, placed it in the Plugins/Balancers folder and restarted the StableBit Service, but I don't see the plugin. What's the secret to installing the plugin?





  • Resident Guru
    Hi Kurt, the balancing plug-ins currently only work for DrivePool v1, updating them to work with v2 is in progress.
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