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Write performance question

edited July 2011 in DrivePool

I know performance tuning probably isn't a high priority right now, but are you guys planning on focusing on that at some point?

I tested copying a file first to a non pooled drive... I was getting aproximately 110 MB/s during the write.

Copying the same file to a pooled drive dropped to about 45 MB/s.

Is there room for performance improvements, or is this pretty much what we can expect in the final release (due to the way it works under the hood)?

I have't played around with read speeds yet... I'm hoping read speeds aren't impacted by pooling.



  • Covecube
    From the beginning, DrivePool was engineered to support a performance layer. This means that we can approach that 110 MB/s. It's not there now, but theoretically no old code has to be rewritten (perhaps maybe a bit), only new code has to be written to make it fly.

    So the answer is yes, read / write speed is not optimal right now, and we can definitely make it go faster. Hopefully, much faster.

    This performance layer will be added in BETA M4.
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