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deduplicating when there shouldn't be anything to de-duplicate

edited March 2013 in DrivePool
Hi, i'm just starting with drivepoool beta and am on a trial license  i have installed it on a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate x64. 

i am going from an old windows home server box with 3x 1tb drives and a system drive of 750gb.  i got all the files transfered from these 4 drives onto a new 3tb drive.  (i had another 1tb drive in there at one point, but have since removed that from the pool to try to solve my problem see below).  

so i got all the data moved onto my new 3tb and 1tb drive but then i got this warning about duplication.  there shouldn't have been any duplication so i was puzzled.  then i told it go ahead and duplicate but i never "enabled" duplication on the pool so any duplication wouldn't have been done by drive pool.  i figured it meant that some of the same files were there across the 3tb volume and the 1tb volume.  anyway. the duplication was going reallly really really slow. it was moving at 0.1% increments. i let it run overnight and it was only at like 2.4%.  which is ridiculous.  so then i "moved" everything from the 1tb drive over to the 3tb drive so that all the data was on the 3tb drive.  then i removed the 1tb drive from the pool.   so now i have a pool of ONLY the 3tb drive.

it is still trying to duplicate.... the little dashboard at the bottom has the the yelllow bar going back and forth and it says Duplicating... (0.6%) Version BETA.

how can there be duplicates? did something get screwed up?

should i jsut start over?  move all the data out of my 3tb pool.part.GUID folder and into the root of my drive. uninstall drivepool, delete the poolpart.guid folders and then install drivepool again and create a poolpart, move the data into the new poolpart.guid folder?

what do you think? i wonder what the problem could have been. 


  • ok i didn't uninstall and reinstall.  i just moved all my files out of the poolpart, removed the last remaining 3tb drive from the pool and thereby got rid of the pool.  created a new pool and moved my files into the new pool. re-measured the drive.  now the bar is green down below and isn't trying to duplicate. 

    i think i'm good now to add more drives.

    which leads me to my next question.  i read on the forums all the pretty screenshots on the drivepool website of the dashboard letting you manage folder level de-duplication isn't in the version that works with windows 7 is that correct?

    but there is a command line utility to let you specify which folders you want to set to de-duplication.  are there instructions on how to do this?  

  • Resident Guru
    Yes, the current v2 beta does not yet support per-folder duplication, and there is a command line utility to manage this. Run a command prompt as an administrator and enter the dpcmd command. It will provide instructions.
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