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Slow system response after win7 drivepool?

edited March 2013 in BitFlock


I have run DP on a Win7 installation for a while now and I am quite happy with the turn-out. I migrated from a WHSv1 installation and in particular I have experienced a far better streaming capability. But the system have slowed down considerably in other repects. Now other changes have been implemented at the same time, so there is no clear indication that DP is causing this.

Apart from DP, my Win7 installation now has 2*AOC-SASLP-MV8 SATA controllers and 19 drives (system is connected to motherboard port). Anyone who can shed some light on why it takes several minutes after POST till Win7 logon? And applications, especially those using files, also can take up to minutes to load (Like Explorer).



  • Resident Guru
    You could uninstall DP, reboot a few times to see if the boot time changes, then reinstall DP? It should automatically redetect your pool etc. You may also wish to use tools such as msconfig and autoruns to investigate what else is loading during boot. You could also check whether you have too many system restore points, whether your boot drive needs defragmenting, whether you should enable or disable superfetch, etc, etc.
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