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Clarification on my DrivePool Setup!

edited March 2013 in DrivePool

Question, I have a WHS 2011 server (beginner with DrivePool!) - this currently has 1 drive as I am getting this all setup. Drive 1 is near full - using the WHS folders (Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc).

Now that I've installed DrivePool, I am ready to move this into a pool and continue to add drives.

Do I first add my D: drive (C: is the system drive) to the pool ... then, go to Server Folders and individually move these folders to the Pool (guess this will be G:)?  Will this add all current data from my D: drive?

Then, moving foward, will I install a new drive and immediately add to the pool? Since these will be empty, I imagine it will prompt to format?

Just making sure I'm setting this up correctly and adding these in the right manner! Again, I've installed DrivePool, so now I am just getting everything else in place with my drive, folders and subsequent drives. Unfortunately, I won't start with duplication until I get larger drives - I'm at 5TB data on 8TB of storage once it's loaded, so, until these are 4x 3TB/4TB drives, I'm limited on storage space ... but, that's the later step!



  • Resident Guru
    With WHS 2011, normally you use the Dashboard to move the shared folders (as it also takes care of permissions, indexing, etc). Note that the Dashboard actually tries to copy the entire folder to the target before removing anything from the source, so if your drive is close enough to full you may run out of space in the attempt; I would suggest installing at least one new drive and adding it to the pool before moving your folders.

    If unformatted, you will get a prompt/warning re formatting.

    Also before you start using the pool, it's a good idea to change the pool's drive letter to something further down the alphabet (e.g. P) to avoid a possible Windows bug that can bump drive letters when adding further drives.

    So in summary: change your pool letter to P or similar, install at least one empty disk, add that disk to the pool, use Dashboard to move your server folders to the pool, and go from there.
  • Member
    Great, thanks Shane. In looking at my dashboard and DrivePool tab, it currently says Pool Empty with the option to Add/Remove as well as the Settings ... so, when I add my disk them select Add/Remove disks ... is that where I get the option to change the pool letter? Or, is this somewhere else.

    I appreciate the summary! I want to ensure I get it started correctly and with the most ease!
  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    DrivePool will use the first available drive letter to create a pool. You'll then need to use Disk Management to change that letter (e.g. from the WHS 2011 desktop go to the Start menu, enter "diskmgmt.msc", right-click the pool drive, select Change Drive Letter).
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