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Quick question:

edited March 2013 in DrivePool
Hi I have duplicated folder enabled on one of my folders.
When it's in realtime does that mean my drives will never go into standby after xx minutes as usual?


  • Realtime just means that when ever you write to the duplicated folder it is written to the other folder location (one of your other disks) at the same time. This ensures you get a good copy straight away.

    Your disks will still standby after xx minutes of inactivity. Since you have no (real) control over which disks are written to (DP decides that) you might see that the various disks are used more often than before this making it take longer time until the disks go into standby (if ever). Than just depends on your usage.
  • Member
    It's my pictures and music folders which are updated perhaps a couple of times a week.
    So that should only mean my disks will be out of standby when I make changes, correct?
  • Member
    Else I will have to remove my duplication folder if my hard drives will not go into standby very often:(
  • Resident Guru
    Paaland is correct. The only thing real-time duplication changes is that more disks will come out of standby when - and ONLY when - a file is accessed (since it will be reading/writing two disks per file instead of one).

    If your disks are supposed to go to sleep X minutes after they are last accessed, real-time duplication does not change this fact.
  • Member
    Okay thanks..
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