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Drive letter of drivepool

edited March 2013 in DrivePool
I can't change drive letter of my pool on windows server 2008r2. Everytime I add new drive to pool my drivepool change the letter , it's driving me crazy.
I'm tryinng to change it in disk manager but instead of other drives there is no option to change the letter of drivepool . Reinsalling doesn't help.
Any suggestions please.


  • mvdmvd
    edited March 2013 Member
    I really wish the option was in the DrivePool GUI too.

    What I do is open command window, type "diskpart" <enter>

    list volume
    select volume X  (whatever the volume of DrivePool is)
    assign letter=X   (new drive letter)

  • It works ! Thank you . 
  • mvdmvd
    edited March 2013 Member
    Glad to hear it. 

    Yes it seems the diskmgmt.msc tool doesn't let you change drive letter of pool because the volume seems to get (falsely) detected as a Read-Only volume.  I'm sure thats just a bug with DP's virtual disk driver.
  • Covecube
    Could use diskmgmt.msc to add a new letter, then remove the old. Usually, it takes a reboot anyways to finish that when files are in use.
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