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Files on current drive to move to pool

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
I am using drive pool for the first time, (just migrated from storage places..gag) I am adding drives to my pool with files already on them that I would like to be visible in the pool, is the only way to do this is to actually cut and paste the files from the independent drive letters into the new drive pool? (basically moving them out and then back into the same drives)



  • Good move dumping Storage Spaces, you'll be really happy how flexible DrivePool is.

    The "best" solid way is to drag and drop the folders/files from the independent drives to the actual Pool Letter drive yes.

    I think you can possibly move files/folders directly to the hidden DrivePool folder per independent drive as well. but I wouldn't risk it just to save hours of transfer time.  Someone else should chime in, last time I tried this was 1.x beta that was in a completely different form back then. (has been completely redesigned since then)
  • Resident Guru
    JazJon's right about the "best" way, and if you're not tech-savvy, that's the way to go. He's also right about the "quick" way, and if you're willing to don your hard-hat, read on.

    DrivePool physically keeps the files in hidden poolpart.guid folders (where guid is a special string) on the drives that form the pool.

    So turn on 'view hidden folders' and you can drag-and-drop, for example, "myfiles" from "d:\mystuff" directly into "d:\poolpart.guid\mystuff" and have it moved directly rather than slowly copied.

    However, DrivePool will need to do a consistency check so that it can (a) update its records and (b) perform any missed duplication - and it seems DP v2 beta doesn't yet offer a manual consistency check button in the GUI. You could try a "re-measure" instead. Your files won't get eaten, certainly, but you'd have to verify that they were being duplicated if you're using that. I would recommend you do this with a couple of test files first (move, then check), then a couple of test folders, to ensure the results are as expected.
  • Thanks, I did it the long safe, took a while but its done.

    I ran into another snag. I had a 250gb HD connected to the computer that was not part of the drive pool. it was on drive Path E. I decided to swap it out with a 1tb drive. after reboot windows placed it on drive path E. I wanted to add it to the pool, but drivepool seems to think its still the 250gb, I am guessing I need it to update its drive path list, but I cant figure out how.
  • Resident Guru
    Hmm. If you use Disk Management to change or remove the 1TB drive's letter, does it become available to the pool?
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