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DrivePool and Media Portal - How to avoid hibernation and possible data corruption ??

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Hey guys...
Currently using DrivePool in Win7 64bit environment alongside Media Portal.

MP TV server is setup to put the system into hibernation whenever MP is not being used regardless of what DrivePool is doing. I am worried that this is the cause of my recent data corruption...
I can however nominate services within MP TV server which keep the machine "Alive" so long as they are active/being used ( ie, not idle )

I need to know which DP services to nominate that are only active when DP is doing background work so that the machine does NOT go to sleep as to avoid data corruption.

Hope someone can help...

Thx guys..

ps:  I also need a solution for Scanner but will raise separate thread.


  • Covecube
    Have you changed the "balancer" option? Either changing that to immediate, or changing it away from it may help.
  • Resident Guru
    Given DP v2 is still in beta, it might be worthwhile to use to confirm with Alex:

    (a) whether it is sleep/hibernate friendly yet.

    (b) whether the DP v1 advanced option RunningFile_FileName (when set, DrivePool will create a file at this path whenever running background tasks) is, or will be made, available to DP v2.
  • Member

    Hi all,


    I have posted a question about the RunningFile_FileName setting for DP1 in the Beginners Questions thread but had no replies, so thought this may be a relevant place to post as well. I am trying to set it on my WHS box but so far, have not had any success. I can't tell from the wiki what the file and path syntax should be, can any one help?



  • edited July 2013 Resident Guru
    Hi madlec, please try posting your query (if you haven't already) in the new forum at
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