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In order to better support our growing community we've set up a new more powerful forum.

The new forum is at:

The new forum is running IP.Board and will be our primary forum from now on.

This forum is being retired, but will remain online indefinitely in order to preserve its contents. This forum is now read only.

Thank you,

Everyone, take it easy with BETA M3...

edited July 2011 in DrivePool
Lots of new code there, don't use this in production... let's take care of the critical issues.

I don't anticipate I/O issues, because that has been tested pretty thoroughly in M2 and M1. Primarily I'd be concerned about folder moving and some of the new features.

Report any issues as you encounter them and I think in a few weeks it'll be pretty solid.


  • Member
    What is the best way to move files from the Pool folders I have created to the default WHS shares?
  • edited July 2011 Covecube
    You can easily switch where each folder resides, on the pool or on a single drive, by opening folder properties and toggling the location.

    There is currently no automatic way to move all the files from one folder to another.

    You'll just have to open both folders and cut and paste.
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