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Problem removing discs from pool latest release V13005734

edited April 2013 in DrivePool

trying to remove four drives from my ten pool drive so I can add some new 3tb units


removed one drive fine but three others will go through the motion and then I get drive remove failure access denied



any ideas what im doing wrong please


  • Covecube
    My guess is that there is some error on the disk (either actual error, or an errant security permissions) that is preventing it.

    Worst case, you could move the data onto a different disk manually, and then just pull the disk.
  • Resident Guru
    Hmm, I guessing that's meant to be There's actually just been (as in yesterday) a new v1 release,, fwiw.

    I'd lean towards Drashna's guess too. Try running Scanner (or other utility or the chkdsk command) on the drives?
  • I have the same kind of problems the drive removal side of drivepool seems to be very temperamental tho I did notice the more data on the drive the more likely it will fail to remove normally once you have tried it 2 or 3 times it does work.

    It we get these problems because of Drashna's point I think it still needs a good look at I would imagine the only time most of us will want I pull a drive is when it's on it's way out and that should process should be seamless to protect data.

    But the drives I wanted to replace
    We're fine I were fine I was just upgrade the capacity like AMcross
  • was running version


    downloaded the latest version that allowed me remove another drive  :-)


    has a 14tb pool not more than 5tb of data so plenty of space to remove drives I want to replace


    then tried to remove another three two which have very little data on them and get an error again



  • edited April 2013 Member

    have now managed to remove all drives


    very time consuming with two or three attempts



    Quick question should drives once removed be cleared of folders etc ?

  • edited April 2013 Resident Guru
    They should be, although DrivePool will leave behind data that it could not remove (they should still have been copied into the pool's remaining drives if they weren't corrupt due to disk damage or the like, and if duplication was enabled the duplicate on a good drive would be used).

    Any non-pool data will also remain.
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