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migration help

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Hi i have just migrated a v1 hard drive and i thought it went okay files came off the drive till it was empty 1 of the new drives filled up with the same amount also the drivepool filled up by the same amount, but i havent any files in the folders.

All my files are sitting in a hidden folder E:\PoolPart.80ba947c-1114-4ca0-b248-efcf433b3173\DE\shares which has the folders with the files in it

My E:\PoolPart.80ba947c-1114-4ca0-b248-efcf433b3173\ServerFolders all have padlocks on them although i can access them and the only one with any files in it is E:\PoolPart.80ba947c-1114-4ca0-b248-efcf433b3173\ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups which has 2 DAT & 1 CC file in there.

Any help on this?

Hi just copied a file from the music in DE shares to music in server
folders and it appears in the shared folder where it used to show in v1
so what now ?




  • Resident Guru
    Hi Robert. Download the Troubleshooter tool from and use the "Reset NTFS Permissions on the Pool" option.

    Once this is done, can you see all your data under the pool's normal drive letter?
  • Member
    Hi Shane i can see all my files in ther drive pool, i moved all the files from the DE folder last night and put them in the Z:\ServerFolders and then deleted the empty DE folders and everything appears to be okay.

    Got the following from Drashna on another forum (sorry don't know if i am allowed to say)

    You didn't want to move the "DE" folder, just the "Shares" folder inside
    of it. Basically, move the "Shares" folder into the "PoolPart.GUID"
    folder, and rename that to "ServerFolders" (or copy it's contents into
    the ServerFolders" folder).

    So it seems that as of now everything is okay.

    One last thing should the serverfolders have padlocks on them even though i can access them or is that about permissions that you were refering to


  • edited April 2013 Resident Guru
    That's fine. Normally before moving the "Shares" folder I advise to reset the owner and access rights to clean up any WHSv1 leftovers, so if that wasn't done I'd suggest running the NTFS permissions reset utility I mentioned and then using the Dashboard to set your preferred permissions for each shared folder.
  • Member
    Thanks Shane for the quick answer, currently moving a drive so will do what you suggested later on when its finished, so from what you say i shouldn't have the padlocks on the foldershares

  • Resident Guru
    Padlocked folders have restrictive permissions (such as Administrator only, or old permissions from a previous machine). If you're planning to share these folders with other users/computers (e.g. family photos/movies) then you'll need to reset their permissions and you may need to reset the ownership as well.

    I'm not sure if the utility's Reset NTFS Permissions option affects ownership. If the padlocks remain or you find some folders still cannot be fully shared, then on WHS 2011 you could do the following:

    * select the folder you wish to reset (e.g. your Shares folder)
    * bring up its context menu (usually right-click), go to Properties, Security tab, Advanced, Owner, Edit
    * choose Administrators, tick Replace, then OK, OK, OK, OK.
    * again bring up its context menu, go to Properties, Security tab, Advanced, this time Change Permissions
    * remove all non-inherited Permissions, tick Include and tick Replace, then OK, Yes, OK, OK.

    The above is adapted from the How-To guide on migrating from WHS v1 to WHS2011+DrivePool that's stickied in this forum. Do NOT use this on the Windows or Program folders, it might mess things up.
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