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[Issue Solved] New install - migrating existing data

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Since I couldn't wait, ended up messing around with DrivePool on my gaming/dev rig. Answered my own question. Figured out how to migrate existing data on a single disk with cut and copy into the hidden folder. Now I get to play the waiting game.

I've just ordered a new Toshiba 3TB (Newegg Shell Shocker). Currently using a single 2TB Samsung. I've been playing around with the idea of building a 6-bay NAS box, but don't have the money for it yet, but would still like server capabilities and would like to add some level of duplication or parity.

StableBit caught my eye because I didn't have to install a new OS on my current HTPC/server (unlike Win 8 and the various Linux server/NAS derivatives)

My current setup is this:
32GB SSD boot (NTFS 8k)
320 GB HDD (NTFS 4k)
2TB HDD (NTFS 32k)
Win 7 32-bit

Applications, music, and pictures on the 320GB drive. Backups of music + pictures, and ripped videos (for which there are no backups) on the 2TB.

The Toshiba won't be here for a few days, but when it gets here, I'd like to be prepared. How would I smoothly transition to using a pool?

My plan was to:

1) Add the 3TB drive, format NTFS 32k, create a pool.

2) Copy files from the 2TB drive over to the pool.

3) Format the 2TB drive.

4) Add the 2TB drive to the pool.

5) Set up duplication.

6) Set up manual backup (w/ third party app) of just the music + pictures from pool to 320GB drive to maintain 3 copies at all times. Use remaining space for applications and miscellaneous, unimportant data.

Would this work? I'm iffy on steps 2 and 3. Do I need to copy the files to the new drive and reformat the old one? Or can I just copy over, add the 2TB to the pool, then move files directly into the pool folder (would this mess up duplication)? And, am I correct in presuming that I would only have 2TB of space for duplication until I add another drive or replace the 2TB?
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