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Shares Missing from Dashboard

edited July 2011 in DrivePool

I have a couple DrivePool folders that were working fine under M2, but after installing M3, they've vanished from the Dashboard.

I can still access the shares both from the server and the clients, but they are no longer listed in DrivePool's Shared Server Folders list.  I've already pulled the data out of the 'missing' folders, but I can't delete them or the shares since they aren't in the list.  Any ideas?


  • Covecube
    Can you verify that the folders are visible under C:\ServerPool\ServerFolders? Based on your description, they should be.

    Perhaps WHS didn't register the folders properly, try to restart the StableBit DrivePool service on the server. This should force it to re-register them.
  • Member

    Stopping and restarting the service didn't help.  In fact, now DrivePool isn't working at all.

    Both DrivePool services appear to be running in the Services console, but now the Dashboard plugin only shows a message that says "Error starting service."  The fileshares are gone, and rebooting the server doesn't resolve the issue.  I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling DrivePool, but to no avail.

    I'm sending a zipped copy of the ErrorReports folder, as well as the Logs, to you using the contact form.  You should be getting them soon.


  • Member

    Okay, since sending you the logs, I've got it up and running again.  I uninstalled DrivePool, rebooted, reinstalled DrivePool, rebooted again, and now I'm back at square one: the folders created with M2 are visible as shares, both on the server and the clients, but aren't showing in the Dashboard.

  • Covecube
    I've replied to your support request. It would be great if I could take a look at this first hand. Just reply in the support case and we can set up a time for tomorrow, if it's ok with you.
  • After running into a few other (not DrivePool related) issues, I've wiped the server and done a clean reinstall.  DrivePool is running quite smoothly now.  Perhaps something just got corrupted somewhere along the line during M2, or maybe going from M2 to M3.
  • I've just upgraded my primary server to M3 (3026 build) and have the same issue.  WHS2011 default shares show under WHS tab, and DrivePool tab, but no other "custom" shares show under the dashboard, though they are accessible just fine via UNC path.  Alex, I'll open a ticket so you can take a look if you like.
  • Covecube
    The problem SDWolf was having is resolved and a fix will be deployed to everyone in the next build.

    It was a migration issue from M2 were the old mount point wasn't being removed properly.
  • Same problem here.  I just upgraded to Build 3078 and it didn't resolve the issue.  I can access the pools I created during M2 via the network but the pooled folders aren't showing in the Dashboard under the Stablebit tab. Under the SB tab I see "Error Starting Service."  However, the pooled folders DO show under the Server Folders and Hard Drives tab.  I have upgraded through all version of M3 from my original M2 installation. Didn't have this problem with the first M3 build but the last two (3026 & 3078?) they aren't populating under the SB tab. 

  • I had this issue on 2984.  I have now reinstalled my O/S but I think I'm not prepared to chance it again until a later version is released that resolves the issue categorically. Alex, when you refer to the fix being deployed next build do you mean 3078 or something later?
  • I have seen the build Alex is mentioning being released just now. It's 3141.
  • Also, just FYI, this issue was a symptom of M2 to M3 upgrade path only...  If you are building from scratch, and installing direct to M3, you won't have this issue.
  • edited August 2011 Member
    Looking forward to installing 3141 when I get home tonight to see if this fixes it.  Alex and everyone working on this project -- thank you for all your efforts.  It's great to see all the small builds being rolled out to fix/repair issues.  I think this is a great product!
  • Covecube
    When I wrote that last message the build number was not finalized.

    Just to be clear the fix for this issue is in build 3141.

    However, it's not guaranteed that everyone experiencing this symptom has the same cause.

    The issue SDWolf was having had to do specifically with M2 -> M3 upgrading.

    The problem was that C:\ServerPool\ServerFolders was a mount point pointing to an invalid location. Build 3141+ will look for this problem when it starts up and fix it automatically. I've verified that the fix works on a live machine with the issue.


    If you're still having a problem, the best thing to do is to open up a case @ and I will work with you one on one trying to resolve the issue. Once it's fixed, the fix is deployed to everyone in the next build.

    I know it can take a few days to get a fix out but it helps everyone in the end.

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