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Added a new drive and now problems

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Hello everyone..

I'm currently using DrivePool's latest version on WHS 2011.

I just added a new drive to my system and that has caused issues with my pooled folders. They have disappeared and if I try and access my folder Movies on it's original stored drive (not the pooled drive) is has a folder named Movies.DELETE{B54F64B5-F887-4E29-8F54-029DDCE7796E}..

When I installed my new drive it changed the letter of my Pooled drive from I to J. My new installed drive took over the drive letter I. I assume this has something to do with my issue?

Any suggestions as to how I can get my files back that were in my Movies folder? I had my drives 100% balanced before I performed my new drive install.

Thank you for any suggestions/assistance.



  • Covecube
    It's possible. I'd recommend checking the dashboard to see what drive letter it thinks the shared folders are on.  Also, I'd recommend changing the drive letter fro the pooled drive to something a lot higher (like P: or such). Namely, because ... well, you've seen why. Windows tends to automatically assign drive letters and may bump them, and that can cause issues. :(

    As for the Movies thing, I'm not exactly sure what is going on there... but have you checked the contents of that folder? It's quite possible that everything is intact and in that folder.
  • edited April 2013 Resident Guru
    Sounds likely. As Drashna suggests, use Disk Management to change the drive letter of the pool (you could just swap I and J back around, but chances are you'll just run into the same problem the next time you add a drive).

    Once you've picked a good letter for your pool, you can run the WSS Troubleshooter from to "Restore DrivePool Shares" and that should restore your shared folders.
  • edited April 2013 Member

    after you push your drive pool letter down a few notches, you might want to look into mounting your data drives as NTFS Folders, then you don't have to worry about windows hijacking your alpha characters. 

  • Thanks for all of the tips and suggestions. I was able to run drive pool shares to retrieve my data.
  • Covecube
    Instructions on how to change the drive letter or mount the drives to folder paths:
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