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files not showing up over network shared folder

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Using uTorrent software I have a folder in the pooled storage called "incompleted downloads" which is used while the file is downloading, when completed uTorrent copies the complete file into a "completed downloads" folder that is shared over my home network with full read/write access.

The issue is that my media computer plugged into the TV cannot see the completed file over the network even though the file is there. If I copy the file out of the pool and then back in again it will appear.

Now I have tried this outside of Drivepool using an un-pooled harddrive and the file appears as expected over the network when the download is completed and moved into a new folder. Then trying back again in the pooled storage the files do not show up over the network again and I have to copy it out of the pool and back in again to have them show up.


  • Member
    I have this same exact issue which is exactly why I came to the forum here. I hope someone can shed some light on this. 
  • Covecube
    It's not an issue with drivePool. It's a weird issue with NTFS actually. It's copying the permissions from the original directory to the new directory, and depending on how that is set up, causes it to not show up.

    Set the "completed folder" to be an actual network share (\\server\share\destination), and not a file path (D:\folder\share\destination).

    This issue will happen on WHS, or Windows 7/8. It really depends on the folders you use, and the permissions used for them.
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