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Drivepool crashes - reinstall doesn't work, folders gone!

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Guys - I attached my note onto the end of anotehr discussion called "dissapearing Drives" but haven't got any advice which helps me with this pretty serious problem.  My Stablebit Drivepool service just reported as stopped and I lost a heap of drives. Trouble is if I go to Services on the Control panel it is listed as still working. Restarting the service yields nothing. The data is still there but without the service running we're toasted. Trouble is before I realised the service wasn't started I asked WHS to recover the missing folders, and it created Videos and Music with no files in them. So not sure If i made things worse...I've attached some files to the "dissapearing Drives" discussion to show the situation. 
I've reported it on the site but the WWW page just sat there after I hit Send and I'm not sure if anything got through. I'm using WHS2011 (Fully updated) and just updated drivepool from to

I reinstalled the add-in and after a long time it reports all 5 drives as part of the pool but failed to find the folders.  Should I wind it back to another more stable workable version or stick with the latest?
Do i have to reintegrate all the data from scratch inot a new folder structure?


  • Trying to raise a contact request via the support part of the WWW site and a validate page keeps appearing.  I'vehit it 4 times so far


  • Covecube
    There should be a re-captcha box on the "validate" page. Is that not showing up? If not, what browser are you using?

    I just posted some info on the other page, which may help. Namely, deactivate the license, uninstall DrivePool, reboot. Delete the contents of "C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool", and then try installing DrivePool.

    If that doesn't help, let me know. And I can submit a support ticket for you, if you want. I'd just need your email (so you can access it and get notifications). Send me a message at "drashna (at)" if you would like me to do that.
  • Thanks Drashna - indeed, I am using the latest version of Drive Pool and I see a reindex link, which I have hit several times.  It now has found some folders, except the software, home videos (kids etc) and movies/videos (only the most important folders!)  - instead it created a new videos folder outside the pool (on the G drive, not the Z pool drive) and it's completely empty.  i could drag 2TB of data inot it and remap everyone's drives for them but what a huge pain.  So I've uninstalled Drivepool and am going through the processes now of deleting the data folder you mentioned above

    will let you know 

  • Just uninstalled, deleted the folder and rinstalled the latest version.  It found all 5 drives, recognised the pool and only found one folder (tv series) - now everything's gone.  Good news is that the data'sall there in the poolpart folders , but there's a stack of duplicates.  I'll wait a day or so to see if the folders reappear, or maybe try to go back to the older version I started with, and I'll also PM you

    Thanks for your help - this is hugely irritating and sort of zeros out any of the benefit of going with drivepool.  I can see the poolpart folders and all the data so why can't Drivepool? 

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