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Newbie question - $RECYCLE.BIN Folder

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
I am new to Drivepool. Using Windows 8 as a Home Server (can't spend more on WSE 2012 than I did on this box!). Slowly figuring out how DrivePool works. Using the 2.0xxx beta. Is it normal to have $RECYCLE.BIN as one of the folders in the Folder Duplication list?  Is this part of Drivepool? I can't see that as a hidden folder using Explorer or the Command Prompt.  I would like for $RECYCLE.BIN to be hidden or not appear next to my folders like Music, Documents, Videos etc. Is there a way to do this or should I just accept it will always be in the folder list.  


  • Resident Guru
    As $RECYCLE.BIN is a hidden system folder; it will not appear via Explorer unless you use Folder Options to unhide system folders/files (or via command prompt, use e.g. "dir /ah" or "dir /as" or "dir /ahs").

    DrivePool's Folder Duplication list however shows all content, regardless of hidden/system attributes (to allow full control of duplication), so $RECYCLE.BIN is visible there. This is not currently configurable; if you would like it to be (e.g. via a "hide hidden folders" checkbox), I would suggest requesting it as a feature via the form.
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