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Optimizer Plugin

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
When does stablebit move the data off the feeder drive and into the archive drives?  Its been in there for over 24hrs


  • I have the same issue and I think I know the cause.  Are you using a single feeder drive to feed a duplicated folder?  
  • Single or duplicated feeder works fine if you understand when the plugin moves the files.

  • edited April 2013 Member
    Which is all well and good for a beta product, but the OP didn't state that he was using a beta version of DP.  All that should be required is install balancer, select feeder disk, and you're finished.  Anything more than that is too many steps.  

    The other solution is to use two feeder disks.  I split a partition into two feeder partitions and no longer had the issue.

  • I am using a single what am I to do to make sure they are moved off the drive?
  • If you want to use a single feeder disk and are not using the latest beta it could take longer to move the files as there was a bug that meant non duplicated data would not be moved off the drive.

    Depending on what time the rebalancing was set for, if it was before the duplication time then the files would not be moved (bug). Then on the next balancing run the files would move because the duplication had occured and copied the files to one of the archive drives in the pool (as well as still being on the feeder). The balancer would then move the files off the feeder disk to another disk in the pool.

    The key is to ensure the duplication occurs before the rebalancing or you could get an extra 24 hours delay.
  • I am using 7547

    I see a conflict in the link and what you said

    below says the opposite of what you said...which is it and do you have step by step instructions?


    • If you want to use a single
      feeder disk to duplicated pool this feature is now working correctly with
      the latest beta ( To use the feature carry out the following
    • Install the Archive Optimizer
    • Optional:If you wish to set your own duplication time slot do the
      following extra step 

      Locate the
      DrivePool.Service.exe.config_default file in C:\Program
      Files\StableBit\DrivePool and rename to  

      Edit the file and set the FileDuplication_DuplicateTime to
      whatever time you wish. 
    • Configure the plugin how you
      wish specifying which disk is the feeder and the others archive
    • Ensure only the Archive Optimizer balancer is
    • Set the automatic balancing
      time 1 hour before the duplication time.
    • Select the duplicate files
      later option in drivepool server settings.
    • Reboot.

      Drivepool will then copy all new files to the single feeder disk then
      once a day move all the files off the feeder to the pool and duplicate. I
      use this option as I had a spare SSD drive and because if I copied a large
      iso bluray rip to the pool, if that file landed on a drive that was
      already streaming video content to a client in the house, it would cause
      buffering due to the hard drive having to read/write at the same time.
      With an ssd drive that is not an issue as it can handle the read/write IO
      at the same time.

      Hope this helps if someone else is thinking of trying it out.


      p.s. be careful if you select a sandforce based ssd as they can have
      issues with trim with data like video files that cant be compressed. Its
      best not to fill those drives over 70% going by information on anandtech.


  • The beta has the bug fixed so you can balance before duplication if you are using a single feeder disk. As long as you set both to run overnight it does not matter which order you do it in. I just prefer to clear the feeder disk first.

    If anyone is using the stable build they will have to do it the other way round or wait longer for the files to be moved.
  • Hmmm  Its not working for me.  It is staying on my Feeder drive and not migrating off.  Any suggestions?
  • I also have not Folders that are set to duplicate...its just a Pool
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