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Why does DrivePool think one of my drives is being used for backups?

edited November 2011 in DrivePool

I initially setup some client and server backups before installing DrivePool, but I have deleted all of the backup schedules so that I can create a pool.  In the Computers and Backup tab, all computers show Backup Status == "Not set up"

But in DrivePool, it is still listing one of my data drives (not the OS drive, I know that can't be used) as "disks that are being used for server backup cannot be added to the pool".

What is DrivePool looking at to figure out if a drive is being used for backup?


  • edited November 2011 Member
    Maybe WHS still keeps the disk you once selected for backup occupied somehow. If you start disk management and delete the partition on the serverbackup disk and create a new partiton im sure Drivepool will see it as a new disk. Try to rename it too
  • Covecube
    Check for the WindowsImageBackup folder on the disk in the root. That's what DrivePool checks.
  • That was it.  Deleting the WindowsImageBackup folders allowed them to be added to the pool.
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