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Scanner Wont Start on WHS 2011

edited October 2011 in Scanner
I figured I'd shoot a post out to see if anyone else has had any issues? The scanner continues to tell me that its failed to start and to restart my server. I am running Drive Bender (sorry!) but otherwise have a fairly stock WHS 2011. Anyone else having issues fresh off install?


  • edited October 2011 Covecube
    ZIP up your error reports ;C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\ErrorReports on the server and send a note with them attached using
  • The scanner started giving me the same error after installing Drive Bender.  I removed and reinstalled the Scanner and it did not correct the problem.

    I will send in my error data also.

  • Covecube
    Normally drives report an interface, bit it looks like the DriveBender driver doesn't report one. I've changed the code to support this, it'll be out in the next build.
  • Thank you Alex.
  • edited October 2011 Covecube
    Addressed in Out now.

    If it keeps happening send me the error reports @
  • Running and the problem is still there for me.
  • Covecube
    Apparently it fixed one thing but there's something else going on in the Dashboard that crashes it.

    The problem is I can't figure out how to get darned DriveBender to actually work so I can't test this. I keep pushing buttons but everything is frozen.

    However, I'm working with someone who has the problem in a support case so hopefully this will be fixed.
  • I'm having a similar problem in that I can't seem to get StableBit Scanner to run at all.  I started with a trial version for WHS v1 last week, while I was preparing to upgrade to WHS 2011.  I really liked what saw in that version, but since upgrading to WHS2011, I can't seem to get the scanner to even run.

    I am also having great difficulty in being able to tell with the buttons whether I have enabled or disabled the scanning functionality.  No matter what the "Start check" button looks like, the "Stop check" button never changes.  Regardless of how the "Start / stop automatically" button is set, scanning never seems to begin.

    I have had the software running through the night to test following the scheduled time parameters.  I have also disabled the scheduled perameters and selected the flag scan at any time.

    My one unique condition is that I have a very large number of drives connected at nine for 14.2 TB of drive space.

    Any help would be apprciated.  I am very interested in buying after my trial period if we can get this all working.



  • I'm seeing some of that here as well.  StableBit Scanner works fine on my data drive on WHS 2011.  For some reason, it won't let me re-scan the system drive containing the WHS 2011 system files.  That drive was initially scanned a couple of weeks back.  But I'm unable to re-scan it.  Odd.

  • edited February 2012 Member
    I'm starting to get this on my system now.   Unfortunately I can't tell if it's because of installing DrivePool, or because of the recent WHS RollUp release (hadn't checked scanner between the two events).   Scanner had been running great at least relatively recently before the recent WHS update, but again I'm not sure what caused it.   If it won't start again after awhile I'll send in a ticket.


    Edit - Yeah, this is pretty persistent.   I actually purchased a license for this, so I'm sad that Scanner just won't start at all.   I've restarted a few times while reorganizing my server to work with DrivePool (I'm pretty much a CoveCube server!) and it just won't start anymore.   

    Anyone have any suggestions to maybe try to get it working? 

    Edit #2 - What's even stranger is that while the add-in says that the "background service failed to start" going into task manager shows that "ScannerService" is actually a running process and "Scanner.Service.exe *32" is an active process.  Weird.
  • Most recent version of Scanner seems to have fixed this issue!  Everything is up and running just fine.
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