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Don't see Scanner Icon in Home Server Console

edited February 2012 in Scanner

I installed the v1 home server version of scanner to my console to look at some drive problems.   I cannot see the icon at the top of the screen for it after installation.  I have the original EX475 server, and have updated the server software all the way to the newest version available for this system.  Is there any reason why logging in after admin and installing the software in the add-ins button that I would not see it?  I have even tried restarting the server.

If this works and saves the data on my beat up drive, I'm def buying a copy!  Thank you!


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  • edited March 2012 Resident Guru
    Sorry Vaslo, the Scanner forum is a little quiet at the moment, also it's a community forum; if you want to obtain a developer response it's best to use the contact form, i.e. - and Alex is usually pretty quick to respond if you do.

    (note - despite the "resident guru" tag, I'm just a forum volunteer, not a covecube employee, and I usually "hang out" in the drivepool category; also, I've been away IRL)
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