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Need Help, I'm dumb as a rock

edited June 2011 in DrivePool

Okay, I have 8 2TB drives I want to put into my first pool. Mostly full drives

So I added a drive, made a folder and shared it.

Can I add all the data on the 8 drives automatically or do I have to copy 16TB over into the pool?




  • edited June 2011 Resident Guru
    An automatic migration tool is not (yet) implemented. However, you can do it manually (please note these instructions are current as of build 1736):

    1. create the shared folder pool you want to migrate data into (it looks like you've done this step).
    2. manually stop the StableBit DrivePool Service (click Start, click Run, enter "Services.msc").
    3. open the drive(s) you have added to the pool; all of them should have a root directory starting with "ServerPoolPart" - inside at least one of these you should find your pooled share folder (it will have a .1 or .2 extension); DrivePool only creates a pooled share folder on a given drive when it has something to store on that particular drive, so if it doesn't yet exist on the drive you want to migrate, you can create it yourself (give it exactly the same name and extension as it has on the other drive(s).
    4. move your files from that drive into that drive's ServerPoolPart*\PoolShareName folder just like you would to any other folder (EDIT) but put them in a subfolder named uniquely for the drive you are migrating (e.g. "F" for F: drive). This avoids accidental different-file-same-filename conflicts during migration.
    5. manually start the StableBit DrivePool Service again.

    I strongly recommend copying (not moving) some test files first to make sure you've got the above instructions correct (in brief: stop the service, copy the files, restart the service, check the \\share contents to verify they have appeared in the pool). DrivePool is still in beta, after all.
  • Thanks, easy enough!
  • edited June 2011 Resident Guru
    Ugh, something else to watch out for when doing the above: different files + different drives + (same folder & file names) = bad.

    e.g. you have drives K: L: M: that you are migrating. Each contains a folder "Alice", which contains a file "Bob", but "Bob" is not the same file on each drive. If you simply move each "Alice\Bob" into the ServerPoolPart\PoolFolder on its corresponding drive, your pool will end up with conflicting versions of these files!

    Solution: move files on drive Foo into ServerPoolPart\PoolFolder\UniqueFolderForFoo. I have edited my post describing the process above to include this.
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