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Urgent help

edited June 2012 in DrivePool

o I have 3 drives going bad (SMART) and while I had
drive pool doing a "remove drive from pool" operation, my wife from
her machine decided to access one of the files. This caused an "Access Deigned" error and stopped the pool removal. Issue now is I can’t restart the removal without getting "Access Deigned". Also when I try to access the file
and folder where she was play while I was running the removal the server hangs and crashes my RDP session. Only way to get the server back is to reboot.


  • Member

    Sorted it out...

    • removed each drive and they all checked out.
    • Totally uninstalled Drivepool (reboot)
    • Installed non beta version of drivepool (reboot)
    • Installed latest version (reboot)
    • Let it measure and duplicate - it whined about old parts so i let it delete them.
    • Pool at 100% and all is working.

    Tomorrow if i am brave enough i will try to remove the 3 drives that are on their way out.


  • edited June 2012 Member

    Sorry. I did mean to get to you yesterday. I did mean to tell you to move your stuff out of the serverpoolparts folders then delete, if you were planning a reinstall. I gotta say 3 drives with bad sectors is just unlucky. Are they various brands?

    I have 13 drives in mine all mixed, unfortunately a WD developed bad sectors.Its just gone for RMA a couple of days ago.

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