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CoveFS versus NTFS.

edited September 2012 in DrivePool

The DrivePool main page at says "All your data is stored in standard NTFS files on each individual disk in the pool." and it also says "DrivePool features CoveFS, an optimized file system specifically designed for disk pooling. [...] Designed to function like NTFS"

This seems contradictory. Is CoveFS an option, where we can choose to format our disks using CoveFS if we want, or leave them in NTFS?  I guess I don't know what "features" means, in the phrase "DrivePool features CoveFS".



  • edited September 2012 Resident Guru
    Very simply put, NTFS can't sit on top of NTFS to make a bunch of drives appear to be a single big drive.

    CoveFS, however, is designed to do this. CoveFS is what makes DrivePool possible for your NTFS drives.

    +edit+ So your physical drives stay formatted as NTFS, but the virtual "drive" that pools them together is "formatted" as CoveFS. The benefit is that if you take your drives and put them in another machine, they're standard NTFS and any machine that understands NTFS can read them without needing DrivePool (just keep in mind the files will be spread across the drives, with each file existing as a complete copy on at least one drive).
  • I think my DVD ripping software is thinking CoveFS is FAT32.  My DVD ripping software will not write to the pooled drive and gives me an error message stating that it can't write to a FAT 32 drive because the file size will be greater than 2 gb.  I can write to shared folders outside of the pooled drive and then move them.  Its a little disapointing as I would like to write directly to the pooled drive, but workable.
  • bobberGman - have you set the Report as NTFS  'advanced option' in Drivepool? ;

    CoveFs_ReportAsNtfs - Report as "NTFS" to most applications that ask.
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