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Installing DrivePool after using WHS 2011 for awhile

edited September 2012 in DrivePool
I've been using WHS 2011 for awhile now and the drive I have my backups going to is full (2TB). Is it possible to install DrivePool now and migrate my backups to it? Is there a procedure for installing DrivePool to an existing WHS system without losing all the files already there? I currently have 3 2TB drives that I use in the system. One is for client backups and the other 2 are for general data files. Would I need to install another 2 or 3 TB drive to get started?




  • Resident Guru
    If you install DrivePool on an existing WHS 2011 system, you will not lose any existing files.

    You MAY need to install another drive depending on how your backups can be migrated.

    If they are from the Client Computer Backups feature, then WHS will actually perform a copy operation when instructed to Move the folder via the Dashboard and you will need at least the same amount of free space in the pool as the amount of space used by the backups. (if anyone knows if the CCB files can be safely moved manually, please let us know how!)

    If they are from a different backup method that is not integrated into WHS, it may be possible to copy them to the pool a file at a time (requiring only as much free space as the size of each file) or manually moved into the pool folder for the drive the backup is already on (requiring no additional free space).
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