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Drive that does not show in Pool but behaves like it is

edited September 2012 in DrivePool
I have a drive that for some reason or another seems to have fallen out of the Pool.  Well I go to add it back and a error pops up saying I can not add a drive twice. Fine, but I can't disconnect the drive because the only option it gives me is Add the drive. Is there a way to manually kick a drive out?


  • Resident Guru
    have you tried restarting the DP service to see if it picks up the drive?
  • edited September 2012 Member
    Yes. I did. I uninstalled it and then re-installed DP. And did the necessary restarts. I am trying to see now on this latest uninstall if the stable version picks it up.

    It is almost like the discussion "Error adding drive to pool Cannot add same disk twice" that was put in back in May. How did that one turn out?
  • I tried the stable version. Does the exact same thing. Is there some switch that make Drive Pool see a drive as part of the Pool even though it shows it as not part of the Pool?
  • Uninstall and delete the folder stablebitdrivepool in programdata and then reinstall.
  • Ah! Thank you hopester. That seems to have worked. I am going to stick with the stable version for right now. Too many TB's to be experimenting with.
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