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Permissions trouble after OS install

edited September 2012 in DrivePool
Hello all.

I've reinstalled WHS 2011 (without following the instructions in the user guide) and now I am struggling with permissions issues.

After a reboot all drives and shared folders were missing, subsequent reboots did bring them back
I thought by reinstalling DP it would fix things but I kept getting an error saying "The add-in cannot be installed on this server"
After several hours of searching I decided to reinstall the OS.
Once the install was complete and WHS was completely updated I restored the shares using the wss utility. I also reset the pool permissions using the utility then set the permission on each share under the server folder tab in the Dash Board.
I rebooted the server then tried to create a folder in one of the shares and it tells me I do not have permissions to do so. This is the case with any of the folders in the pool.

Any ideas?   Thanks much.


  • edited October 2012 Resident Guru
    Hi Mike, can you launch a Command Prompt on the server as the Administrator and try the following command?

    takeown /f p:\* /a /r /d y | findstr /b /v "SUCCESS:" | findstr "."

    (where p: is the pool's drive letter)

    It should (only) report any errors. If you have a big pool, it may take a long time to do anything besides blink the cursor. If it doesn't report any before it finishes, try the utility [link] to reset the permissions again, use the Dashboard to set them to what they should be again, and see if you can then create folders/files. Please let us know how it goes.
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