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Balancing & Folder Merges

edited October 2012 in DrivePool

I'm using a whs 2011 with 4x 2TB Hdd.
3 disks are for data, and the fourth is used for parity snapshots (snapraid)

I'm not sure to understand "Rebalancing" very well.
What does it means? 
Are datas spreads on the pool so every disk usage are equals?
I read some post that mention that drivepool rebalance datas only when no spaces left for duplication. Is it right?

My second concern is Folder location management
I want my first disk contains TV Shows, second one contains Movies and third Picture & Music.
Today, my server folders look like this:
M:\ServerFolders\Videos\TV Show

If I add a pool (named D:) and manualy move folder into drivepool hidden directory, will Videos folder will be merged and accessible?
D:\Videos\TV Shows   (physicaly on Disk1)
D:\Videos\Movies        (physicaly on Disk2)

And if I add a movie, will it be stored in Disk2, whatever free space on Disk1?



  • Resident Guru
    There is no way to control where DP puts a certain type of file. All you can control is where duplicated and unduplicated files go. If you want to balance all data over all drives, you need to lower the percentage threshold and hit remeasure this will move data around equally and new data will then be put on drive with the most free space since you will be over the treshold.

  • ok, thanks for your reply.
    I'll learn to leave with data spread.
    I'm currently testing drives spindown.
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