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How Can I Preserve My Drivepool For Motherboard (Different) Replacement

edited November 2012 in DrivePool

I need to upgrade my motherboard & have 12 disks in my drivepool.  I am not sure if WHS2011 will allow me to get away with replacing the board or not so I may end up having to reload WHS2011 so need to know if I have to "Dismantle" the pool first?

Many Thanks For Any Advice!


  • Resident Guru
    no you dont, When you reinstall DP it should pick up all your drives. To be on the safe side, keep them unplugged during your WHS2011 installation. Also if the second partition created by WHS is in your pool, i would remove it from the pool since WHS installation wipes system disk and secondary partition
  • I am kinda stuffed at the moment as I am unable to remove any drive... I posted this morning about it but no replies yet as I get access denied after hours of migrating files :-(

  • edited November 2012 Resident Guru
    Might be a permissions error. Run the "reset permissions" option of the WSS Troubleshoot tool - - and then try to remove the second partition from the pool as Saitoh183 suggests.
  • Well.. It turned out to be a dodgy SATA cable! on one drive that was preventing its own removal & removal of others! 

    Replaced cable & voila! drive removed successfully.. would have thought I would have got an I/O error on removal but still... all ok now...

    Thanks for your replies :-)
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