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Log warnings

edited January 2013 in DrivePool

I'm seeing this warning message using the latest beta.

DrivePool.Service.exe Warning: 0 : [FileSizes]   1: PoolPartSize=18446743786368720651, Setting to 0

And it keeps generation about every 2 seconds.

Above this message I see : DrivePool.Service.exe Information: 0 : [CoveFsPool] Clear pool mode: PoolModeMissingDisk
But I'm not missing a disk.

Any idea?


  • Covecube
    The second one is not a problem. That's an informational message.

    For the first warning, I suggest that you perform a full duplication consistency check on all the pools. If it doesn't find anything wrong then perform a re-measure.

    I presume you're running 1.3, because this was a statistical issue in some of the 1.3 BETAs. By itself it doesn't mean anything bad, but there's a possibility that the statistical anomaly could be the result of a file not properly duplicated somewhere.

    The problem ultimately manifested itself in the Pool tab refreshing constantly to the point of being unusable.
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