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Internal disks for orignal and external for duplicate

edited February 2013 in DrivePool
Is it possible to designate which disks have originals and which are used for duplicate. I have both internal and external disks, and would like to ensure the original files are always on the internal disks, and where possible, the duplicates are on the external disks.


  • edited February 2013 Resident Guru
    Not currently. I've used the contact form - - to submit this as a feature request.

    (it might be useful to note that DrivePool doesn't treat duplicated files as "original" and "duplicate" - instead it sees them as "duplicate" and "duplicate" - each is the "copy" from the other's point of view)
  • I believe you can do this with the balancers. I could be wrong but it looks like the File Placement Limiter balancer does just this. 

    You may need to download one of the plugins from for this to show up. 

  • Resident Guru
    Unfortunately the balancers can't do this. Feedback from Alex, however, is that he is definitely looking at how to implement this feature. DrivePool detects drives (partitions) that exist on the same physical disk to avoid placing both file duplicates on them; it's a question of how to efficiently expand this ability to distinguish user-defined physical disk sets.
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