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Beginner questions

edited February 2013 in DrivePool
i´m new here and use drive pool since 2 weeks. I´ve some questions, maybe someone can help me:

1) What happens if i take one of my hd drives from my pool to another pc w/o drive pool installed. How i can see my duplicated files?

2) When i turn of the real-time duplication, at which time drive pool duplicate my files? Can i modify the duplication time?

3) I use a HP proliant NL40 with Lights-out and drive pool. The server is only on when one of my clients turns on, how can i manage the the duplication starts at night automatically, this means turn on the the server, duplicate the files and turn off the server afterwards?

Thanks for your help in advance.


  • Resident Guru
    Hi Silversoon,

    A1) The files are stored in a hidden PoolPart.guidstring folder on the drive.

    A2) When real-time duplication is turned off, duplication takes place at night. The time can changed by following the appropriate instructions at

    A3) This has been asked before, I'm not sure if it was resolved;
  • edited February 2013 Member
    Ok, thanks for the answer.
    1) is ok for me. I´ve found the hidden part folder.
    2) 02:00 in the night is now the duplication time. What happens if the server is not turned on at this time? Will the duplication be started at next power on or only if the server is on at 02:00?
    3) is still open. Maybe a dev could answer the question?
  • Resident Guru
    I've sent Alex a query.
  • Resident Guru
    A2) Currently the duplication will start only when the server is on at the scheduled time. The ability to catch up on missed tasks might appear in a future build.

    A3) "This will almost certainly be in the next 1.3 BETA build. The plan is to have DrivePool create special files when it's working so that LightsOut can 'see' those."
  • Covecube
    Sorry it didn't make it into today's BETA release, but here's the next internal build if you want this feature now:

    This build has a new advanced setting called RunningFile_FileName.

    For information on advanced settings, see:

    You can now tell DrivePool to create a file at any location of your choosing when it's performing background tasks.

    You can use this to tell LightsOut that your server should not be put to sleep when that file is present.

    You can also control the "Duplicate Later" time in advanced settings under FileDuplication_DuplicateTime (this is not new). Note that this doesn't apply to "Real-time Duplication", because that has no need to run periodically.
  • I would like to put in a feature request that Drivepool be able to wake the server from sleep or hibernate at the scheduled balance time. This could be a check box option right where we setup the time now "wake server at this time" and implemented using the wake timer. Not all of us keep our boxes on 24/7, that's the whole point of using Lightsout. In future, the server can use this timeslot to perform any "server tasks" that could affect performance (not just balancing).
  • Resident Guru
    Any particular reason not to just tell LightsOut when to wake the server? It's purpose is for power management tasks, and its scheduled wake feature is even in the free community edition.
  • Thats what im doing right now. I thought of this. But if DP has nothing to do then I'm waking it for no reason. Would be nice if DP can wake it based on what it needs to do or what thresholds have been met (ie pool condition etc).
  • Resident Guru
    Hmm. Point taken. Is there an option in LightsOut to handle "wake at time T if file F exists"? I can't see one.
  • Hi,

    I am new ro using DrivePool and am trying to set the RunningFile_FileName setting in the config file, but the syntax for the file and path is not clear in the Wiki. Has some one successfuly configured this? I will persevere, but any advice will be appreciatsd


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