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Migrate Pool from WHS 2011 to Windows 7?

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Hi, I have a 14TB pool running fine in WHS 2011 with a lot of duplication. I want to convert my WHS Server to be a Win 7 machine (Install Win 7 over the current installation) but I'm unsure how to handle the pool migration or if this is even possible without messing everything up. Has anyone tried such a migration or can anyone give me advice on how to accomplish this?



  • Is your OS disk separate? If it is, wipe the disk, install Windows 7 and reinstall DrivePool 2.0. Everything will work just fine.
  • It is, great! Thanks for that.


  • I went from WHS 2011 to Win 8.  My existing DrivePool folders were picked up no problem after the OS change.

    My OS hard drive is separate of course as it should.  
  • Covecube
    Yeah, should be seamless. If you have data on the OS disk, that makes it problematic, but not impossible. You'd want to clear it off first.

    But like everyone has said, if your system/OS disk is just for the OS, then wipe it, and reinstall and DrivePool will pick it up right away.
  • On a similar topic I want to be able to create two different OS boot discs.  Will either boot discs work transparently and seamlessly with existing Drive Pools?

    Specifically I wish to.

    a. Rebuild my existing server with WHS2011 using Drive Pool 1.3. OS will be on a dedicated OS drive.

    b. Later on will want to test out Server 2012 (using spare drive) and install Drive Pool 2.0 beta.

    In both scenarios I will have the same data drives (2*2tb and 1*3tb) with same pools, folders, data etc.

    Will the pools created in 'a'. above be ok with the test bed of 'b' above and, importantly,  will the drive pools still be ok even when I revert to using WHS2011 boot (as in 'a') after playing around with 'b'?


  • edited April 2013 Resident Guru
    Short answer: Yes. The pools created by 1.3 and 2.0 are compatible in both directions.

    Longer answer: A remeasure/consistency check on reverting would be recommended as a sensible precaution. Also, WHS2011 relies on certain NTFS permissions structures for its folder sharing. These might not be maintained by a different OS, but you can use the WSS Troubleshooter utility to reset permissions/shares if necessary. Your data will still be there.
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