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Will DrivePool have a problem with this?

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
I have just upgraded from WHS v1 to WHS 2011 and immediately installed DrivePool. Between instructions here and at wegotserved, I am basically up and running.

My one issue (so far!) is that one of my drives previously had an OS partition and a data partition on it. (My new install of 2011 was to an SSD drive which holds the OS only.)  Now, I was able to add the drive/data partition to the pool just fine.  However, now that I have deleted the OS partition/volume, I want to extend the data partition to take up the entire drive.  However, WHS 2011 prompts me to make the disk dynamic when I attempt to do that thru computer/disk management...presumably because the space is at the front of the drive...and based on some other posts, it seems like dynamic is a no-no for DrivePool.

So, will DrivePool have a problem if I boot to some sort of USB key or CD and use a 3rd party tool to manipulate that disk so that the partition is able to extend and become the entire size of the drive? Anyone have a recommendation for a tool to accomplish this?  I guess alternately, use a backup program to make an image of the partition, recreate the partition, then restore the image? Will this effect the GUID? 

Or, would it be better to move the files from inside the PoolPart.GUID folder to one of my other 2 drives, delete the partition and re-create it? Then just copy the files back?

Thanks for any direction on this.


  • Covecube
    I already answered this one WGS, but I'll answer here again. :)

    DrivePool shouldn't have an issue with that. IIRC, it identifies the drive by the PoolPart.GUID folder.

    But any time you are rewriting partitions, especially like that, there is a chance of an error. So it's a good idea to move anything important off the disk first.
  • I love how flexible drivepool is.  All we need is that hidden PoolPart folder.   It doesn't matter if you change drive letters, or re-size the drive etc. (as long as that same hidden PoolPart is still around for DrivePool to read)
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