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latest scanner beta with wd red drives

edited April 2013 in Scanner

hi there



I have five wd 3tb red drives which all seem ok


but the six one is connected via a silicon image raid card and that says has a file system damage



how do I clear that and also the smart data says its using the wd blue



is this correct ?


  • edited April 2013 Member
    I just replaced all my 3TB Green drives with new 3TB Red ones.

    I checked the SMART data and scrolled to the bottom.  Mine says:
    'Western Digital Red' interpretation rules


    You should probably open a ticket with
    (and report it, should NOT be using blue, mine doesn't)

    If you have "file system" damange you need to manually do a chkdsk via windows.    The latest beta of scanner added a read only chkdsk to go with the fuller surface scan.    Since it's a read only chkdsk it won't repair anything. (only provides the info)

    open command prompt. 
    chkdsk /f /r /x D:

    (replace D with appropriate drive letter)
    The /x will for unmount the drive to be scanned, drivepool maybe not report it missing

    After a long scan hopefully your "file damage" is then fixed (and no longer corrupted)  It's most likely a minor thing

  • Hi, jaz

    Just looked at your screen shot your drive temp is very high mine run at about 27 max lowest is 22 all 24 of them that high temp can't be good for the drive just a thought

  • maybe connected to my issue


    drive 5 is actually a wd 3tb red but if you look closely the drive appears to have a 250gb size and serial number



    the same as another drive



    just updated both scanner and drivepool and the issue is still there



  • Covecube
    Yeah, that's definitely mis-reporting the drive.  
    Drive J: is being reported as a WD 250GB HDD, but obviously a 3TB drive.

    Have you checked Device Manager on the server, to see what it lists?

    And would you mind using "" to report this issue?
  • i will report the issue this weekend


    device manager list correctly but if you look closeron the above picture  two 250 hard drives also have the same serial number :-(

  • Covecube
    Yeah, I had noticed that. Part of why I'm certain that it's misreporting the drives.  Definitely something not right.

    Also, have you double checked to make sure you're using the most recent stable version of DrivePool?
  • edited April 2013 Member
    Hi, jaz

    Just looked at your screen shot your drive temp is very high mine run at about 27 max lowest is 22 all 24 of them that high temp can't be good for the drive just a thought

    Yeah the drives run kind of hot in the 4-bay MediaSonic Probox.

    I have the fans set to full speed, and the larger cabinets they are housed in also have active fans.  Some data centers run a lot warmer than they used to years ago so I'm ok with 40's.   The Green's I had before my Red's were all running above 50! 

    FYI, I removed the front cover off my 4-bay MediaSonic ProBox, and the temps are 7 degrees cooler!  I guess the little vent slits they added are not enough.   Since I'm not concerned with aesthetics already being in a closed cabinet I'll leave it off. 
  • edited July 2013 Member
    I needed to expand my storage so I bought a new single-bay 

    The performance is great, & it actually runs cool. (another 3TB RED Drive)  I was disappointed that I couldn't get SMART data in Scanner so I opened up a  support ticket.   Alex came through as usual!  (good to go now)


    I've tested the Mediasonic ProBox 3.5" SATA Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (K32-SU3) and have added the necessary data to

    Just restart the StableBit Scanner service (or reboot) and you should now have full IDENTIFY and SMART data.

    (and so will everyone else)

    This is better than Unsafe, because it doesn't have to "probe" the enclosure which could crash it. It simply asks our cloud for the correct method to use.

    Make sure that you're on the latest version of the Scanner, earlier builds had problems with the USB cloud feature.


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