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DrivePool on a Server with 16 Bay Extender



  • Covecube
    ...checking the change log for the firmware. I'm willing to bet your on 1.0. The default/stock firmware for the card:

        v1.5 04/13/2012
           * Create Array with "Keep old data" as default.

        v1.4 03/21/2012
           * Add over 2TB SAS HDD supported.
        v1.3 12/12/2011
           * Fixed a bug about payload.

        v1.2 07/04/2011
           * Add support HDD over 2T to create array.
           * Add support RR2711.

        v1.1 05/12/2010
           * Fix compatibility issue in some motherboard.
           * Change logical device serial number to support VMWare ESX.
           * Autoloader data changed (v4.0.0.1606).
           * Fix SATA600 display error.

        v1.0 11/19/2009
           * First release
  • edited May 2013 Covecube
    ... also, that page as a download for the web management software. So you can mess with the card without rebooting. It's neat, and useful. (and I think mandatory to update the firmware)
  • Drashna, what site are you seeing these versions?

    I'm at the US site and the latest version is V4.0.0.1808 and I'm running V4.0.0.1805

    The only program I see and it's also on the supplied disk is a RAID management app.



  • Covecube
    Make sure you are looking up RocketRAID, and not just "Rocket". Unless you're card is just the "Rocket" versin (no RAID support), and then that's the ROM you want.  And you'd need to find a dos disk and update the firmware that way.
  • Yeah, I went with Lee1978's recommendation of getting the non-RAID card (Rocket 2722).


  • Lee1978, I don't recall the Adaptec indicating the speed of the drive.

    I'm going to figure out how to flash the bios with the lastest version tonight to see if it makes a difference.



  • edited May 2013 Member

    I upgraded my controller to the latest version.  I could not find a log for this version.  HighPoint's web site leaves a lot to be desired. Example, I find the page for Rocket 2722 (Not RocketRaid 2722) and select documentation link and find myself at the RocketRaid 2722 documentation.

    Overall I'm happy with the card.  There are a few issues which I'm not sure is the cards fault such as serial numbers are incorrect, in fact I have 4 drives with the same serial#.



  • Covecube
    Yeah, it definitely does. If it makes you feel better, I initially downloaded the Rocket firmware for my RocketRAID card.

    And it may be the chipset used. My RocketRAID 2720 shows the serial numbers correctly for each drive. But it definitely uses a different chipset than the Rocket cards. 
  • Just to be clear, I meant that the serial numbers displayed by DS and DP are incorrect.
  • Member

    The 2700 series cards uses the same chipset (Marvell 9485).  DrivePool would not read my drive types or serial numbers on my RocketRAID 2760 (currently 16 Drive JBOD).  Then I installed Scanner and enabled "UnsafeDirectIo", drive type and serial numbers populated.


  • Whoa, that reminded me that I had set  "UnsafeDirectIo" to TRUE while testing another controller card a while back.  I just set it back to FALSE, rebooted and voila serial numbers and model are now all correct.






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