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Reboot While Balancing

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
Is it okay to reboot while DrivePool is balancing. I just want to be sure I didn't corrupt any of my files because I rebooted while it was balancing.


  • edited May 2013 Resident Guru
    Restart or reboot? The former (e.g. clicking "Restart" via a Windows dialog) should be fine, as it should safely stop the DrivePool service before rebooting, while just the latter (e.g. tapping a physical reset button on the chassis) might have interrupted the service in the middle of a write (just like any other program).
  • I restarted from within the OS. Thanks for the reassurance.
  • edited May 2013 Resident Guru
    Alex/Drashna: weezywee's question prompts me to ask whether DrivePool's disk operations are fully transactional, i.e. zero chance of file loss/corruption if someone bumps the reset button or trips over the server power cord during a write operation?

    I did a quick forum+blog+wiki search and with the keywords I used (filereplace, transactional, atomic) found that drive removal in the initial open beta was transactional and that Alex was looking at implementing transactional NTFS post-M3, but no later results.

    There's also the DrivePool_VerifyAfterCopy advanced setting; does that provide any atomicity (e.g. when the setting is enabled, what happens if the system is interrupted before the routine can return true/false)?
  • Covecube
    It is OK to reboot during any DrivePool operation. This is something that was built into the algorithms from the beginning.

    While we don't use NTFS transaction (these were investigated), it is perfectly fine to reboot during any background DrivePool operations.

    In fact, if is even ok to pull the plug when DrivePool is re-balancing. The worst case scenario is that you will have an extra "temp" file on your pool which you can safely delete.

    You can safely reboot while removing a disk, or reboot in the middle of a rebalance.
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