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Unable to create files/folders on duplicated shares

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
I'm not sure how long this issue has been going on, as I haven't tried adding files or folders to my two duplicated shares until recently. When I attempt to copy or create a file or folder to the two shares, I get a "You need permission to form this action" message. I receive the error both on my laptop and on my HTPC in the living room. I can copy or create files and folders on other non-duplicated shares. 

From the server, the security tab for these shares look identical to the working ones for both the users logged into the client computers as well as the administrators group.

Both clients are Windows 7, and I'm running version 1.1.6326 of DrivePool. I'd appreciate any help I can get! :)


  • Member
    Well, of course right after I post this the problem is resolved. :) 

    Apparently one of the discs in the pool was missing, and a basic restart didn't fix it. I opened up the server and checked all the connections, which were fine, and when I rebooted the disc was back and the file error had been resolved. 

    Computers, man, computers.
  • Covecube
    ROFL! Not to the issue, but that last statement. And yes, seriously. 
    Or, like a friend of mine used to say "Computers. They're great.... when they work." :P

    Also, you may want to update DrivePool. The most recent stable version is 

    And if I had to guess, you probably had a loose cable.
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