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DRIVEPOOL and hyperV virtual machines' disks

edited May 2013 in DrivePool


i started to use your DrivePool on MS SRV 2012 as pool for large virtual drives for 6 virtual machines. 
After 10 days of working fine I decided to remove a disc through remove disk wizard (the safe and long way). 

This started o series of problems, the virtual machines (linux) declared i/o errors and stopped working. 
In HyperV I found an error stating that some other process is stopping the access of virtual machines to their files

Please let me know if storing virtual HDDs on stable bit is not a good idea because your product wants exclusive access to files (I am just presuming). 

Please let me know what you think.

I sent this message to support also. I will post their answer.

best regards,


  • Member
    In normal circumstances you shouldn't have an issue with it however when DrivePool does it re-balancing/drive evacuation/removal it doesn't allow any other apps to write to the file currently being moved between discs.

    So if you wan't to have always open files such as virtual harddrives or SQL databases on DrivePool then you would need to have a planned maintenance break before doing any such actions.

    (probably something that should be added to FAQ)
  • Member

    thank you for your answer! So drivepool is not a solution even for a machine that have to deliver files 24/7 because you can never know who wants to change what file that is locked...

    yes, a "What Drivepool is not" rubrique should be in FAQ. or maybe it is not interesting for the Drivepool customers.I do not know.

    Best regards,
  • Member
    Thanks to the support team: I have the official answer here:

    When you remove a disk from the pool, it temporarily sets the pool's contents as "read only". In part to speed up the processes, and in part to prevent complications when adding new files.

    So, what you are seeing is expected behavior.  

    You can speed up the removal by skipping duplicated files, and letting DrivePool duplicate them after the drive has been removed, though.


    Thank you Christopher!
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