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Pool Size limit?

edited August 2011 in DrivePool

Someone had ask a while back how big the storage pool could be. After some testing, I don't think we need to worry about it. As of right now I'm running 43 - 1.99TB drives in a virtual machine on Hyper-V. No problems as of now. Mind you that I don't actually have and data on it as I'm just testing to see how many drives I can get in the pool. I'm going keep adding to see if i can get max it out. Hyper-V will alow me to add up to 260 Drives per machine. Minus 1 for the OS and I should be able to get 259 drive into the storage pool.


Can anyone tell me how to get a screen shot. I hit print screen, but don't know when to look for the image.



  • open up paint and paste it then hit save
  • Cool. Now I just need some place to host it.

    Ok, I'm up to 67 - Drive and 133TB




  • Here's the latest screenshot. (I hope) image

  • 260 drives?  Where are you going to find the floppies to back that thing up?
  • edited August 2011 Covecube
    DrivePool is not NTFS-based as far as the OS is concerned, so it shouldn't have the same limits (such as cluster size limits to 16 TB or the such).

    Performance will need to be optimized for this scenario but I don't see why it can't scale. It should be possible to parallelize the I/O to the point where it doesn't really matter how many drives there are as long as the bus is set up in such a way where you can read / write them all at once.

    I have to say... That screenshot, 133 TB... That's a thing of beauty.
  • Just an update. Now at 205TB.image

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