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Protected vs Unprotected Free Space

edited August 2011 in DrivePool

Whats the difference between the Protected & Unprotected Free Space?

I've gradually been bringing accross data and adding drives to the pool.

I currently have a pool across 4 drives of 5.1 TB with 1.2 tB free.

In the Hard Drive Pooling Tab, it shows :

Pooled Files : 3.10TB

Duplication : 1.17TB

Protected free space : 671GB

Unprotected free space : 596GB



  • May have been balancing related, its now showing :

    Pooled Files : 3.10TB

    Duplication 1.17TB

    Free Space : 1.92TB
    (I've added another drive to the pool hence the larger free amount).

  • edited August 2011 Covecube
    It is balancing related. Protected free space is free space for duplicated files. I will be explaining this in a future blog post. But a simple example is:

    Drive1: 50 GB
    Drive2: 150GB

    How much space do you have to put duplicated files on?

    50GB worth of duplicated files (50GB on 1, and 50GB on 2)

    The other 100GB on drive 2 cannot be used for file duplication.

    DrivePool does this calculation, given the current distribution of files on all your disk. There is also something called slack space which is used for file distribution, but that's another story.
  • That's clear, but I think it is being calculated (or displayed) wrong:

    I have 1x 173 GB and 1x 149 GB disks, protected should be 149 and unprotected 24, but it shows protected 298 (2x149) and unprotected 24.

    When I add another drive it no longer shows protected/unprotected, just Free Space: 396 GB. When I then remove a drive the protected/unprotected is show again, it seems to me that this is only visible if the 'Not in pool' area is displayed.

    Btw, I was on holiday for 10 days and I am amazed by the progress that has been made and the way issues are handled and solved, great work!




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