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Thank you,

Since the last three beta release i have lost my three 2tb drives

edited August 2011 in DrivePool

hi there


as per my title things have gone wrong since the 3417 build


Any ideas please


os on 1tb drive


3 x 2tb pooled together


  • done an uninstall and then re- installed latest 3486 but still the same


    however if i click about and check for update i get an newer version 3496 but the download is not available

  • followed by error starting service
  • I had this aswell on doing the upgrades last few builds.


    Fixed it by duninstalling from the dashboard then removing the drivepool folder (that has the folder called mount point and something else in it) from the C drive.

    Installed the latest build then reboot.


    Worked 3 times so far with this method.

  • Covecube
    There was a nasty bug introduced in one of the recent builds that leaved files behind in C:\ServerPool\ServerFolders.Mount\

    When the StableBit DrivePool service is not running this folder should be empty. Because of this issue, the folder sometimes contains files and the pool will not mount over it.

    The solution is to empty the folder be deleting everything in it. Of course  you should save any personal files in there, if any, before deleting them. Then restart the StableBit DrivePool service.

    I believe that the issue is fixed in 3486+, however it will not automatically clean up your mount folder so you will need to do that yourself.
  • Upgraded to the latest release from 3486 and hit the same problem.


    Did what I have done before but getting an service start error.


    Going for a clean install now.

  • i have sent tech support the error logs as following above examples i cannot get service restarted
  • Doing a clean install fixed this following the wiki guide for a clean install.
  • just had this issue doing the latest update...  submitted error logs and then found this thread which has fixed it for me.
  • Yes I have just upgraded to the latest release and had to do a clean install again to get back up.
  • just like to say a massive thank you to ALEX at tech support for spending 1 hr and 30 mins trying to get my server to speak to him


    looks like we have found the issue :-)

  • Does 3703 fix this issue or is this coming in the next build?
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