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M3 stable enough for general use?

edited August 2011 in DrivePool
Hey all,

Just built a new WHS 2011 server and was looking for a DE replacement, DrivePool looks like it will suit me best.  How stable is the current (3661 as of now) M3 build?  I would like to install the beta and was hoping I could start using it as a general solution instead of viewing it as test only.  I am not too worried about performance at the moment, just want something that I can set up once, copy all the data across and connect to my home network.  I want to get all of the data folders, duplicates and shares in place, and upgrade DP as and when needed.

Is the current M3 stable enough for general consumption, or should I put this on hold?  I'd rather stop with the server setup and do it when I can use DP than waste time with a setup that I'll change soon.

Thanks for any advice!


  • It is still Beta, this means it is under development and it is a test version and labeled 'Not for production use'. That should say enough.



  • Member
    Thanks Danee, I know what beta means.  I also know that different companies interpret it in different ways, and Beta doesn't necessarily mean not fit for general use.  Hell, Gmail only came out of Beta two years ago and was used by millions as their primary email client before that.

    I'm just after a general quality assessment.  Having looked at the known issues, those are things I can live with.  To me it appears DP is way past alhpa stage and closer to the end of the Beta cycle.  But since I've not used it before, I was hoping current users would give me an honest aye or nay, instead of a definition of the word Beta.
  • Morg,

    I've been using the M2/M3 beta and, while I'm maintaining a backup of all my data, it is now working very well for me with no real issues (there are definitely things that the developer needs to work on, but nothing that is "breaking" or "annoying" in my setup).  Definitely to a point where you could mess around with it but maintain a backup of all data for the time being.  It's getting close and I'm excited to move everything to this server!
  • Resident Guru
    Gmail even in beta was running on systems that pretty much allowed Google to go "oops, ah well, restore from ten minutes ago" if it went south. One of the advantages of being able to throw pallet loads of disk at all your problems. :p

    Anyway. I'm using it for my home network, but I'm keeping backups and I'm verifying files. My impression is that it is currently fit for use by the DIY crowd who understand that "beta" and "not for production use" means exactly what it says on the tin, and that if it eats your planet all we can do is pat you sympathetically on the back as we watch the smoke rise, and then say, "well, send Alex the log and maybe he can fix that in the next build - at least you've got backups, right?" :)

  • Member
    Awesome, thanks for the info.  I'll get this loaded on my server with backups for all important data.  Looking forward to the final release!

    Thanks again
  • I have been using Drivepool since the Beta started with no loss of data and a real amazement of the simplicity of recovery from the many Beta issues that go with early development involvement. I have 4TB of data now on an HP MSS EX485 and feel that it is just as safe as a WHS V1 machine. Keep in mind that this is a test server and the data is also on other servers, so I'm risking nothing but I feel confident I will make it through the beta testing with the data intact. 
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